About Roulette


About Roulette

A regal game with a beautiful well crafted and balanced Teak and Brass wheel with multicolored chips. It's our observation that the ladies especially love this one. But then a lot of guys like it, too.... maybe because the ladies like it so much.

How to play Roulette

Dealer spins the wheel in one direction, then "throws" the ball in the opposite direction, along the inside rail of the Roulette Bowl. Bets may still be placed until the ball begins to slow and the dealer calls out "NO MORE BETS" to the players. The ball will strike the baffles and eventually rest on the winning number. Dealer announces the number and places the MARKER on that number on the Laydown. PLAYERS SHOULD NOT TOUCH THE PLAYING FIELD WHEN THE MARKER IS DOWN.

Dealer first removes all losing bets. Next, winning bets are paid. WHEN ALL BETS HAVE BEEN PAID, DEALER REMOVES THE MARKER AND REMINDS PLAYERS THAT THEY MAY NOW COLLECT THEIR WINNINGS AND PLACE BETS FOR THE NEXT SPIN. Players can remove their winnings or let them "ride" on the next spin.

ZERO AND DOUBLE ZERO: These numbers are normally considered to be House Numbers. Some people think that the house wins all bets if the ball lands in either the Zero or Double Zero. This is NOT the case. Players can bet on these specific numbers, the same as any other on the laydown. Bets can also be made combining these with their adjacent numbers. Remember, the Zero and Double Zero are GREEN, and therefore are not RED, BLACK, EVEN, ODD, or are NOT counted in the 1-18 or 19-36.